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PLS Autoresponder Setup


Welcome from Albie Derbyshire & Elizabeta Kuzevska

Program Details:

PLS is a great autoresponder with the ability to set it to "Single Opt in"and do just
like how the professionals do. But be careful because you don't want to send spam and
have your account grounded. Double opt in protects you from this, but also has its negatives
as its harder for people to get that first email from you. 

PLS is also one of the most educational autoresponders I've seen with tutorials
on how to get better deliverability and videos on almost everything you need! 

Elizabeta and I use PLS for our whole team, to train all our members
and show them how to communicate with their list. PLS also is unlimited subscribers,
which is awesome!!!

However, truth be told, Aweber is still the very best autoresponder in our opinion.
But Aweber doesn't have half the tools PLS has or the earning power. There's NO WAY
I could build my team and build unlimited pages for my team members and
share my autoresponder with them with Aweber. That's completely out of the question.
So PLS is for leaders and for those who want to build a six figure income.
It's also the very same program my mentor Alan Cosens uses to help him earn
seven figures online. 

So my suggestion is to use PLS for yourself and your team and then when
you're making enough money, get yourself an Aweber account when you're much
more experienced. Believe me learning how to build your list is
something that takes time. So take your time and enjoy the ride! 


Let's Begin! 

If you don't already have your FREE seven day account with (PLS)
 Power lead System, then get it now: here

Then verify your email.
If you have problems finding the email, try these tips:
1. Make sure you added the correct email without errors.
If not sign up again with correct email.
2. Check your spam folder (not junk folder). 
3. Wait 15 mins. 

Now login


After you login, go past the first Ad.

After that go to "Websites":

Go to "My Sharing Codes" and Click on it. 

Then scroll down and enter share code:  752201-97ARPMS 
Then press "Submit"


Then click on "Manage" under the "...97/ARPMS"

Click  "View" at the bottom.

You'll come to the main Autoresponder page.
It should say "Shared PROSPERITY PMS" in the box 
(or whatever the name of the campaign Title is). 


Now scroll down to below all the email messages and then 
click on "Make an editable copy of one of these Campaigns".  

Now, name the campaign in the box as follows: 

"A (your Name) PLS Campaign"

The reason we put the letter "A" at the beginning is so 
that the campaign is alphabetical and put in the first list of 
autoresponder campaigns (this way you can find it easily). 

Then add your name and then "PLS Campaign". 

Next, you will see all 12 or more emails in the autoresponder below the box.
Next, watch the video at the top to understand how to use the Autoresponder. :)

After you watch the video, go inside and edit each of the 12 messages. 
At the top of the message, put in your name (where there are paranthesis)
and where you are from.

Also look if you need to add a picture
of yourself to the top of the email (optional). 
If not delete the words "(add picture here)" if you see them there. 

Also edit the bottom of each email message.
Add your name and email address
(unless there is a code there for your name and email address
If this is so, it's up to you if you want to change it or not).

Also look if you need to add a picture
of yourself to the top or bottom of the email (optional).
If not delete the words "add pic or delete" if you see them there. 

Okay, so your almost done. You've got your autoresponder set up now. 
If you want to go back and change anything, simply go to 
"Email/Text" tab

Now you must make sure to set your Splash page
to connect to the right autoresponder.

If you don't know how to make a basic splash page with PLS
you can learn here.

Come back here when you get to the place where you add your autoresponder.
Make sure it is set to "Shared PROSPERITY PMS" or to whatever the name of 
your campaign is: See pic below for example: 

Now do a test.
Go to your opt in page or splash page and enter your own name
and email and test it out

If you are taken to the correct "welcome page" after subsribing
and you get your first welcome email, then you did it correctly!
If not go continue to the end of this page past "
Final Notes"
and first finish everything, then come
back and see what you might have missed.
Call or email me if you get stuck.


If you got it, CONGRATS!!!

Final Notes:

So when you want to send a Campaign to your email list, click on
"Send Campaign" and watch the video at the top of the page.

If you want to add your own Campaign, then click on
"Add Campaign" and watch the video inside at the top. 

If you want to better email devilerability and don't want people to
get their emails in their spam folder, then go to "Email/Text" tab
and then click the buttons "Gmail Direct Send" and follow the steps.
Then set up email forwarding too. 

Last step: Go to "Help" tab.

And click "Get Better Email Deliverability" and
watch the video and follow along.

Now you're ready to do the simple steps to get
a better "deliverability rate". Here's the training to do that: 

Click here.
Then come back when you're done. :) 

Now, try to subscribe to your splash page again and
see if it worked better this time. If it's still not correct,
go over this one more time and then email me if you're still stuck. :)


Congratulations now that you've
 set up your autoresponder!


 Communicating With Your 


Have Questions?
Connect with us at EliAlbie67@gmail.com

We're here to help you! 

Elizabeta Kuzevska
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